A prestigious business address in Belgrade. City center location. Administrative and accounting support. Convenient Visa policies. Work with high-level business individuals. Virtual assistance.

Select your Virtual Office package and start your business in Serbia:


  • Company address
  • Mailbox
  • This package requires a minimum contractual period of 12 months
  •  This package does NOT include mail service support
  • €35 | START


Ready to launch your LTD company in Serbia? Book a meeting with our specialist for just 50€/h.


Additional services

Incorporation of the LTD company

  • Generation of the Electronic certificate
  • Creation of the Founding Act
  • Preparation of a Registration Form and submission
  • Assistance in the opening of a business bank account
  • Registration of Beneficial Owners
  • Tax Registration

Establishment of an entrepreneur agency

  • Preparation of the registration form application
  • Submission of the application
  • Retrieval of the original registration decision from APR (business agency)
  • Assistance in the opening of a business bank accountt

Temporary residence

  • Collection and preparation of the necessary documentation
  • Assistance in the bank (individual account
  • Applying for the temporary residence
  • Making an appointment at the police office
  • Obtaining a temporary residence

Work Permit

  • Collection and preparation of the necessary documentation
  • Applying for the work permit
  • Submission of documents to the National Employment Service
  • Scheduling an appointment at the National Employment Service
  • Obtaining a work permit

Who we are?

We are InCentar International, company which supports entrepreneurs and businesses since 2014.