Competition for the best coworking space in incentre

Competition for the best coworking space in incentre

Coworking space in center is for start-ups, freelancer’s, entrepreneurs, representatives of civil society organizations, consultants, and other professionals who have an independent style of work and love to share business premises, energy and ideas with like-minded people from different professions.

Competition refers to the use of Coworking – 1 month package that includes:
• Monthly access to the workplace / unit during working hours in centers;
• Print and scan up to 10 pages a day;
• Sixteen half-hour term in the meeting room;
• personal bookshelf;
• Promotion of social networks in centers;
• Using the Internet;
• Access kuhinjiom;
• 20 coffee or tea;

Coworking – 1 month package will be made available to selected customers at a price of 14,000.00 dinars per month, for a period of 4 months from the first 9 in 2014. Till 1.1. 2015th year.
For the purpose of the application is necessary to complete the form located here and send it to the e-mail (with reference to the application for Coworking in center).
Interested customers can call in during the visit in centers to see our unique space and further inquire about the conditions of the competition.

Deadline for entries is 15,08 in 2014., Until 20 pm

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