Professionals worldwide have embraced coworking spaces over traditional office settings in the past few years. However, skeptics still question the change this movement brings to established business norms.

People often think coworking spaces are too noisy, exclusively for startups, or a trendy term for any other office space. While many coworking spaces have a relaxed atmosphere, they are more about “work” than play.

Let’s debunk some of the most common myths about coworking!

It’s too noisy and lacks privacy

Coworking spaces are populated by professionals who understand that everyone is there to do their work. In an environment filled with like-minded individuals focused on completing their tasks or projects, efforts are made to maintain an appropriate noise level. That allows everyone to carry out their work in a pleasant atmosphere.

If you find it difficult to concentrate in a home office, you will be pleasantly surprised by the increased productivity in a shared workspace. Being in a new environment where you can easily separate work and personal life is conducive to professional focus and creativity.

Coworking spaces are only for extroverts

People assume that you must be outgoing to work in a coworking space. While networking can provide numerous opportunities, how you choose to spend your time while working is entirely up to you.

You must commit to a long-term period

One of the advantages of coworking is its flexibility. You can work for just one day, a week, or a month, or opt for annual membership for your team.

Only freelancers work from there

Indeed, freelancers often prefer this working model. Our coworking space is also occupied by individuals from various professional backgrounds and occupations. Some examples include programmers, architects, lawyers, linguists, producers, marketing experts, stock market analysts, and more.

Whether you work as an individual or a team, join our coworking community and quickly and efficiently enhance your productivity.

Visit us at Cara Lazara 5-7, Belgrade, or give us a call to reserve your space!

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