How did the award-winning coworker Milena spend her time at In Center?

We noticed that people are not sufficiently informed about benefits of coworking, and that’s why at the end of July we decided to give someone a possibility of free monthly coworking in our hub. In the awarding Facebook post we chose Milena Božović, a financial analyst, who worked in our hub during August. In the following text we bring you her impressions.

What inspired you to get interested in coworking?

Previous experience – while I was abroad I needed a work space for short periods of time, so coworking seemed to be the best solution, because of its flexibility and price. This simple solution brought me wonderful acquaintances with a lot of different people and new friends, so coworking is now not only the best, but also the only solution I’m considering.

How did coworking affect your work in the past month?

Coworking saved a lot of my time – other people are responsible for all related activities – cleaning, printers, scanners, air conditioning, lights, paying bills, I don’t have to think about the things I usually take care of. It also brought me some new ideas, and I read several books from the In Center’s Library, which helped me to improve some of my features and increase productivity.

How would you describe the difference between working from home and work in a coworking space?

I think that the biggest downside of working from home is the lack of socializing with people, which you have when studying, or while classically employed. In coworking, you are surrounded by people that are doing a similar job, but nobody is your “boss”, and in that sense I think that coworking offers the best of both worlds – independence in work, and affiliation with the collective. With coworking you make friends, and you don’t argue about work.   As I mentioned before, “someone else” takes care of all the details, my only job is to work and create. Also, it’s almost impossible to fall into boredom and bad thoughts, which is experienced by anyone working alone from home.

What do you like the most about In Center?

First of all, employees – a young team that follows trends and is trained to respond to all possible needs of freelancers. Excellent location, in the beautiful part of city center, with shopping center and other facilities nearby. Nice and pleasant ambience in the hub itself. I would emphasize accessibility for people with special needs, as well as the possibility to bring a pet. Personally, I like the space where I work to be almost on the main floor, so that I can take a quick brake outside, breathe some air, and go back to work. After all, although I got the space for use, I ended up getting the place I like the most – a nice, white table.

Would you advise your friends to try working in a coworking community?

I would always suggest to friends to try coworking. I think that the fact that you do not have to think literally about anything other than your work, for a price that is lower than a classic business space, is a rather attractive solution that does not require any special convincing.

Tell us some of your general impressions of us, suggestions or criticisms, in order for us to be even better.

When I saw the “ad”, I said I wanted to cowork because I expected to get rejuvenated. And I did. Young people and their energy are something I normally enjoy, and I am very much pleased that very young people got the opportunity to get employment at In Center and prove themselves as true professionals (for some of them this is their first job). I would like to point out that the team is almost 100% female, so I particularly praise the Center for contributing to women empowerment. I wish you a lot of success in your further work!

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