Svi benefiti virtuelne kancelarije

All Benefits of the Virtual Office

A common obstacle between starting a business and an idea in the air is the assumption that large sums of money are needed for this step. If you explore and investigate a bit, and find out all the options that you have at your disposal, the costs can be reduced to a minimum. One of the effective ways to successfully control costs is a virtual office.

The concept of a virtual office began to develop back in the 1970s, but it still causes confusion today. For this very reason, in this text, we will try to simplify it for you and point out all its benefits.

What Is A Virtual Office?

The virtal office concept escalated through digitization and introduced additional benefits for a modern business man or woman. In this text, we will focus on typical services that this concept includes:

– registration of a company at a specific address
– receiving mail
– bookkeeping services

We will try in as simplest way as possible to explain to you closer each of these individual items.

Company Registration at the Address

If your startup or firm does not need physical space, a virtual office will greatly facilitate your work and make sure you are not in the gray area. This service does not exclude those who are in need of physical space and for those we offer some benefits that you will read below.

Your company’s office can be registered at the address in the city center while you do the physical work from the periphery of the city, state or abroad. In the Business Registers Agency, your company’s headquarters are, for example, at Cara Lazara 5-7, and you have the ability to fully legally work from any point on the planet.

If you do not have the need to rent an expensive traditional office space, the virtual office will significantly reduce your monthly expenses.

This option is particularly convenient in situations where business and the number of employees are increasing and expanding.

We will explain this situation on a simple example:

Let’s imagine that you and your colleagues are working from of your apartment. Due to the increase of the amount of work, there is a need to hire another three people and move to a larger area. As a virtual office user, you have the ability to move freely, without any procedures, requests and administrations, to any other location, as the address of the registered office of the firm (which is the address of your virtual office) will remain in the register.

Atractive Location for Meetings

In addition to significantly facilitated administrative procedures and mobility, an attractive address in the city center will make your company more professional and present to your customers, especially if you are in need for meetings.

You’ll agree, it’s not the same to invite a client to an apartment that is 30 minutes away from the city center and in the meeting room near Knez Mihailova. For this reason, at the In Center, located at the corner of Cara Lazara Street and Kralja Petra Street, there is a VIRTU MEET package that will allow you to do so.

Mail Management

As a virtual office user, mail will no longer be your concern. All mail arrives at the address of the virtual office to which your company’s office is registered at. We treat your mail and personal data in In Center with special care and we will deliver it any way you want: by sending a scanned mail to the email, delaying it until you reach it or just sending a notification that the mail has arrived and from whom.

In case of confidential mail, you can be sure that it will not get lost or opened without your knowledge and permission.

This feature significantly reduces the time for employees in companies whose business involves a large amount of mail reception.

Bookkeeping/Legal Services

Increasing the need for legal and administrative services is mainly due to the increase in the volume of business and the expansion of the company, and represents an extremely important and necessary component of the business.

Another benefit of a virtual office is the possibility to do bookkeeping services by someone else for you. When it comes to making final accounts, payment transactions, calculating wages or similar jobs, our users can fully relinquish this job and focus on improving their further business.

Who Is the Virtual Office For?

All the benefits previously mentioned are not intended for everyone.
The virtual office will greatly facilitate and minimize costs to the following types of business:

Virtuelna kancelarija će znatno olakšati i minimizirati troškove sledećim tipovima poslovanja:

  • if you do not need a physical space to work
  • if you want to reduce the cost of renting expensive business premises
  • if you provide services and you need meeting space from time to time
  • if you need a company registration at the address in the city center
  • foreign companies that want to register a business office or a branch of the company in Belgrade
  • if you are a freelancer
  • if you need mobility when working
  • if you have a big mail flow that takes you a lot of time

If you find yourself in any of the listed groups, look at more details about our virtual office service and feel free to contact us at or by phone +381 11 3281 209 to find the best solution for you together!

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