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If you are at the beginning of the development of your business and entrepreneurial adventure, and you would like to get a professional opinion of experienced entrepreneurs about your business idea, which model is best for you and how to register your startup or entrepreneurial agency, as well as the direction of its development, we enable you all those answers through free consultation at In Center.

Whether you have an IT or an agro business idea, it is very important to choose the best form of company registration, and we are here to help you with this selection and point out the benefits and advantages of each one. Also, you can get financial advice from us, which can help you analyze whether your business idea is profitable or to validate your startup using applicable methodologies.

We will provide full support to all interested individuals in their further business, whether they are entrepreneurs or D.O.O, and for persons from abroad we will be able to provide complete support for starting a business.

Our team can also provide a complete business plan for you, that includes all the necessary calculations and possible scenarios.

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